Longer decay period for reputation



  • Auryn

    Thanks for the feature request Paul Cowgill!


    Great point you make about reputation decay during leave time.


    I had more of a think about this yesterday after our chat and I think that this is actually another argument in favour of being very deliberate in your choice of native token.
    For example, say someone is taking unpaid leave. If the colony's native token is DAI, there is no way to award that person reputation without also paying them. However, if the native token is an internal one (that is probably non-transferable), then the colony can continue awarding native tokens at some predefined schedule during periods of unpaid leave to mitigate the reputation decay.


    That being said, I do like the idea of allowing colonies to define their own decay rate.

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  • Jack du Rose

    We have discussed this issue quite a bit internally as we know that a uniform decay rate is problematic for reasons such as the one you describe. Indeed, we have posited a workaround for this in the updated whitepaper that would require an extension contract in order to automate. However, in the longer term we do hope to improve it with things like greater configurability.

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